Discovery: Kosu 1.0 was an app for anime lovers and helping otakus of the world connect with one another via discussion threads, messaging, photo sharing... Kosu was considered a success as far as reaching the masses. By the second month there were over 10k active users and quickly reached over 20k registered users by the fourth month after release. This was due to amazing collaborations with popularly famed otaku on social media platforms. The growth rate was too overwhelming for such a small team at NingenSoft, and sadly became it's quick demise. The team decided to shut it down for the time being.
Strategy: The goal of Kosu 2.0 is not only an entire UX UI refresh, but also a shift to a more traditional dating app platform. The code has to be overhauled to not rely on as many services as before (SendBird messaging, Algolia Search, Heroku, etc...) The goal is to create a more lean, yet highly scalable platform and building out the search, messaging and match features all in-house.
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